Here at OKA we believe in the power of create

change in the world by developing products which

are beneficial to nature and humanity.

OKA believe in  the need for environmental preservation and prevention of further pollution in manufacturing new products.As a designer, I developed an interest in exploring diverse materials outside their natural environment. My choice of billboards as my main design material arose from the idea and desire to give them a second life, beyond the purpose for which they were originally created.It’s important to emphasize that the reason behind using recycled materials is more environmental than cost-saving, and results in wide-ranging design of unique, timeless products.


The brand’s primary material is billboards. The billboards are used for massive advertisements found in public areas all over the world. The billboards are made from PVC, which is non-biodegradable. The treatment process required to bring old material to high standards makes the process costly, and the investment in handcrafting each item is higher than average for the industry.


The brand presents a new realm of design possibilities by combining recycling processes with the world of accessories and textiles. The brand’s designs are one-of-a-kind, and its use of recycled materials make a strong fashion statement.

The product’s uniqueness is expressed by the fact that each bag looks different from the next, with no repetition in the textile, making each bag one-of-a-kind despite the fact that each design has a series of bags. The studio’s products are characterized by stylish, classic cuts with maximum functionality, created with an innovative, futuristic vision. All the bags feature flawlessly functional inner compartments, and are composed of 90% recycled materials. Entirely designed and manufactured in Tel Aviv, 100% “Blue and White”.


Here at OKA, we like to break from convention and stand out from the crowd. Every surface is a chance to express yourself. When you find your perfect OKA bag or accessory, its story is different from any other and becomes yours to tell. Every bag started as a billboard. We then hand-cut and craft unique designs to create our high-quality products.

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© All Rights Reserved to Shir Albag 2019