Store Policy

The site is used as a virtual store for selling bags and is owned by Shir Albag 305258808 LTD. Wherever the female is marked by these rules, he shall also refer to the male sex and vice versa.

Anyone performing an order and/or purchase through the website declares that upon performing the action, she has read these bylaws, and she agrees to all of the provisions and terms of these bylaws and she or anyone on her behalf shall not have any claim and/or demand and/or lawsuit against the website and/or the Company and/or the website’s management and/or the Company and/or any of its managers and/or its employees, with respect to the provisions and terms of these bylaws.

We prevent unauthorized entry to our databases. We reserve all the current information and we ascertain correct use of the data. We have implemented physical, technological and electronic processes in order to secure the information that we collect in the website. We are aware of the sensitivity involved in operating a sales website on the internet, therefore we have taken advanced means of caution for the secured purchase of Products.

The purchase or Products shall be performed by a registered Customer by filling out an order form that appears on the website. It is clarified that filling out all the details constitutes a preliminary condition to performing the order.
At the end of the transaction and its approval by the credit card Company the Customer shall receive a notice which contains confirmation that the transaction was made with the transaction number to follow. This confirmation shall be sent to the email address that the Customer has entered into the website during the order process.

Intellectual Property

The copyrights and intellectual property in the website belong to the OKA Company only, or to third parties that have granted the Company permission to use them. The Company is the owner and/or it owns the right to use and/or the distribution of the trade names and trademarks of the website and its marketing content and its content, whether they are registered or not registered, in commercial secrets that are involved in operating the site and its content, and in providing services, in designing the site, in the technological information involved in operating it, including software, applications, graphic files and others, computer codes, texts and/or any other material that is included in them.

No information from the website may be copied, distributed, sold, marketed and translated, including trademarks, pictures and texts, designs of bags, pictures of bags etc… without receiving the Company’r prior written permission.

No commercial use may be made of the data published in the database, in the list of Products that appear in it or in other details published in it, including graphics, design, verbal presentation, logos, and special campaigns, without receiving the prior written consent of the website’s management.

The services of the website may only be used for legal purposes only.

No data may be used that are published for presenting them in the website or in any other service, without receiving the website’s prior written consent and subject to the terms of that consent (if given).

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